Soul Mate?
What does a soul mate mean
When souls are so ephemeral?

Like an angel’s love, 
they are so heavenly unsubstantial,
it is too lofty to be felt.

If we are linked, let it be through the earth.
If we are to be bonded, let it be by the flesh.
If we are to be one, let it be heavily felt.

For passion is bodily,
Souls have none of that.
Souls are infinite,
Desire burns but an instead, 
then is gone.  

Humans are thus finite.
Humans are thus exhaustable.
Humans are thus a flame shining ever so brightly,
but must, by definition, 
eventually burn completely out.

Let us combust brightly on the grass of the earth.  
Let us exhaust everything within us
to express our desire.  
Let us be a cinder only in the end.  

Souls are more thought than emotion.
A soul has passion not.
I will thus not think of you.
I will only burn.
			By M. W. Clark  

Just to be perfectly clear!

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